The first thing I did the next time I checked in on Lily was to spend some (most) of the aspiration points she had collected on the Observant trait. Since this will allow her to immediately learn all three of a sim’s traits upon meeting them, I figured it would cut down on wasted time as we husband-hunted. It’s very likely that I’ll be purchasing this trait for all future Jardin heirs.

I sent her to work that morning and decided to have her ‘Socialize With Co-Workers’ in the hope that she might meet some new sims that way; I don’t usually like to have them do anything at work/school that lowers performance, but I was getting a little desperate. Unfortunately, by the time Lily returned home, she had no new sims in her relationship panel.

Fail >_<

On the bright side, she bagged another promotion despite the fact that she spent all day yakking. Woo! Lily’s now a Watercolour Dabbler, which earned her this brand new Easy-Breezy Easel:

08-17-16_2-07-01 PM

I had Lily take the next day off work so we could get out and see if the townie situation had improved since I deleted half the neighbourhood. Our first stop was the gym.

08-17-16_3-18-26 PM
Feel the burn!

I left Lily running on the treadmill while I zoomed out to watch the streets like a hawk for potential husband material. A couple of brand new townies strolled by, but both were women :/ Dang it.

After Lily’s workout, I had her head over to the Windenburg library, where we met this chap:

08-17-16_3-30-00 PM
Hugo Giles is the librarian here. I think he’s got kind of a Sigmund Freud vibe going on.

Lily’s new Observant trait got to work, showing us all three right away. We learned that Hugo here is a Jealous sim. I can’t remember what the other two traits were because I noped right out of there; I find Jealous sims to be super annoying.

I took Lily to the Island Bluffs, where I left her to her own devices for a moment while I checked for other sims, and when I came back to her I just about died. She had gone and “fertilized” a bush.

08-17-16_3-38-09 PM
This bush.
08-17-16_3-38-51 PM
She emerged from her pee-break looking all shifty. I laughed pretty hard.

While I got some genuine amusement out of our trip to the Bluffs, there were no other sims present, so we headed back to the mainland to Desert Bloom park.

08-17-16_3-41-59 PM
Maybe the smell of delicious hamburgers will draw some guys over?

No such luck, sadly. My household-deleting spree seems to have worked as intended because there are new townies spawning, just none that are the right age/gender.

It was at this point that I admitted defeat. I headed into the Gallery to download some Legacy Loves. I indiscriminately saved a bunch of households into my library, picking any that looked interesting; I figured that I might as well get lots while I was there anyway if my game is going to continue to be a little llama-face and not generate appropriate townies for me.

For now, I just grabbed one household to put into the neighbourhood: the Wolfe family by MakenzieRose1026. I had Lily pop over to meet them right away.

We got there and found both members of the household out on the sidewalk, and HOLY CRAP NUGGETS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.


First up: Andrew Wolfe. Active, Family Oriented, Romantic.

08-17-16_4-22-58 PM
Sultry eyes, much? *fans self*

Next: Josh Wolfe. Active, Genius, Romantic.

08-17-16_4-24-56 PM
Lord have mercy *fans self harder*

Those green eyes. Those traits. Those cheekbones. We have a winner. They’ll make such beautiful babies ❤

Now that she’s got him in her relationship panel, I send Lily home so that she can invite Josh over for a little one-on-one time.

08-17-16_4-31-15 PM
“Hey, remember me? We met like an hour ago on the curb? Want to come hang out?”

Josh arrived and he didn’t seem put-off at all by Lily’s outdoor living situation. In fact, the first thing he did was go over and light the campfire.

08-17-16_4-32-54 PM

They chatted by the fire for a while, getting to know each other a bit. Lily tested the waters by asking if he was single (I obviously knew he was, since I’d just plunked him into the neighbourhood earlier that sim-day, but it seemed like a safe, subtle romantic social to start off with).

08-17-16_4-36-31 PM
That’s the face he made when she asked. He knows he’s got it.

A few more friendly interactions, and then Lily complimented his appearance.

08-17-16_4-37-29 PM
Lily: “If you don’t mind me saying so, you’ve got fantastic cheekbones.” Josh: “These old things? You’re too sweet.”

I then found a romance interaction that must come from Get Together, because I’d never seen it before: ‘Exchange Numbers’. Even though Lily clearly had his number because she’d already phoned him, I had to try it out. They typed the numbers into their phones and then THEY MADE KISSY-FACES AT THE PHONES. And I MISSED PICTURES BECAUSE I WASN’T EXPECTING IT. I squealed from adorable overload.

One more compliment appearance later and we officially have a pink romance bar. Huzzah!!

By this point Lily was absolutely exhausted, so she went to bed. Josh pulled out a book and sat reading by the fire.

08-17-16_4-42-03 PM
He is seriously perfect.

The next day Lily went to work as usual. Just an average day. And then her phone buzzed.

It was Josh.

Asking her out on a date.

*Squeals in delight*

OF COURSE she said yes. She asked a co-worker to cover for her and slipped out of work a little early to go meet her date.

08-17-16_4-51-01 PM
Josh: “Your eyes are a really beautiful shade of blue, you know.” Lily: *blushes*

The date started off really well.

08-17-16_4-52-04 PM

08-17-16_4-52-24 PM

Lily was clearly smitten. Maybe a little too smitten.

I kind of wanted to see how things would progress with minimal direction from me, and maybe this was a mistake, because Lily kept autonomously throwing out some higher-level romantic socials that Josh just wasn’t quite ready for. There were definitely a few awkward moments that had me worried.

Seriously girl, CHILL. I know you’re a smitten kitten, but try to control yourself.

Lily: “I just get lost in those big green eyes and then things spill out of my mouth that I didn’t mean to blurt out! It’s word-vomit, I tell you!”

08-17-16_4-53-18 PM
I feel you, girl. But you can’t just tell him that you like his sweet butt on the first date.

He’s going to think you’re coming on a bit strong.

It seems that Lily’s case of word-vomit didn’t manage to scare him off, though. Thank goodness.

08-17-16_4-54-42 PM
Because then he’d low-key flirt with her again and we’d be back on track..

Just don’t talk about his sweet butt.

The date ended with a hug…

08-17-16_4-54-14 PM

…and a commemorative selfie.

08-17-16_4-54-24 PM

They parted ways and Lily returned home with a flirty ‘successful date’ moodlet, so I guess we came out alright, in spite of a few missteps 🙂

The next day was Lily’s day off, so she decided to take a nice, steamy shower and then ask Josh on a date. She wanted to take him to the park and share her love of the outdoors with him.

08-17-16_5-11-51 PM
Lily tossed out a few flirts, making sure to take it slower this time.
08-17-16_5-15-35 PM
There was some hand-holding.

Josh seemed more sure of things this time, and it wasn’t long before both of them were feeling flirty and tossing out romance socials left and right.

08-17-16_5-15-57 PM

08-17-16_5-19-42 PM

And soon enough…

08-17-16_5-18-35 PM
First kiss!!

Now Lily’s not the only one who’s smitten.

08-17-16_5-21-17 PM
So sweet ❤

Lily managed to earn herself a gold medal date! After such a rousing success, she found she had the confidence to ask Josh a big question.

08-17-16_5-18-47 PM
Lily: *nervously*”So, um, be my boyfriend? Please?”
08-17-16_5-23-02 PM
Josh: “OMG yes!!”
08-17-16_5-22-57 PM
Lily’s jumping for joy. No need to hold back now, babe. You do you 🙂

A perfect end to a perfect day. These two seriously warm my heart.

08-17-16_5-24-03 PM



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