Lily’s first morning on her big, mostly empty lot saw her waking up very much on the right side of the bed. Her Loves Outdoors trait has her getting out of bed with a happy moodlet most days, because apparently there’s nothing like sleeping under the stars and waking up with the sun right in your face. To each their own, I suppose.

08-12-16_9-44-17 PM
“Ahh, just breathe in that fresh air!”

Really, though. The Loves Outdoors trait is super helpful at this point in the Legacy because, y’know, we can’t afford walls. Being outside keeps Lily in a good mood.

After a breakfast of granola, Lily took a thoughtful shower to get the inspiration flowing for her first day at work. She sang in the shower, which I’ve previously noticed most Sims do, but I also heard something I hadn’t before: she did some rapping. It’s entirely possible that this is something that happens often which I’ve simply never noticed before because usually I either fast-speed them through a shower or have other Sims in the household to worry about. Regardless, it entertained me.

Lily sold her painting from the previous night, freeing up the easel so she could paint some more before work.

08-12-16_9-49-13 PM
She’s always got this great smile on her face when she paints. It makes me happy.
08-12-16_9-51-40 PM
Off to work!

Lily went to work inspired, and very nearly managed a promotion on her first day; she came home just a smidge away from it.

After dinner Lily did some more painting, still with that big smile on her face.

Next morning dawned bright and happy. It would prove to be a good day.

First, Lily cranked out Painting Level 3 before work that morning.

08-13-16_9-24-34 PM
“Plum yeah I did!”

Then she came home from work having been promoted to Art Book Collator! Woo! How you feeling, Lil?

08-13-16_9-42-19 PM
“What do you mean it’s only a $2 per hour raise!?”

Uhhh…. The art is more important than money?

“Screw that! I live in a field! I do want walls someday, you know!”

Yes, Lily, I know. I want walls for you, too. But such is the life of a Legacy founder. We’ll get there, I promise.

Lily vented her feelings with a couple more paintings, and completed the first milestone of her aspiration to cap off a successful day.

She painted this while having several baby-rattle thought bubbles:

08-13-16_9-35-50 PM
You trying to tell me something, Lily?

Lily’s painting skill is coming along very nicely; she’s at Level 5 only a few days into her Young Adult life.

We also had our first broken household item. Lily left for work one morning, leaving her cereal bowl on the ground. So I dragged it to the sink and, well:

08-13-16_10-10-04 PM
Oops. At least the grass is getting watered?

Lily came home that afternoon to a fairly sizable puddle after the sink had been spewing all day like a dang geyser. However, she also came home with another promotion; she’s now a Hungry Artist! With a slightly less measly raise this time! A whole $3 per hour!

08-13-16_10-11-12 PM
New work clothes! And look at that smile! She obviously hasn’t seen the sink yet.

“What’s this about the sink?”

Uh, yeah. Sink’s busted. Sorry.

“You broke the sink while I was at work!?”

TO BE FAIR, you were the one who just left your breakfast dishes lying around. I was only trying to help by washing it up for you. So you didn’t have to come home to dirty, smelly dishes.

“No, instead I have to come home to a broken sink.”

I said I was sorry, okay? Get used to this kind of thing, it’s going to happen a lot. Can you please go fix the sink now? It’ll be a good learning experience.

“Ugh. Fine.”

08-13-16_10-14-18 PM

08-13-16_10-15-19 PM
“Actually, it is kind of satisfying to know I can take care of this stuff myself.”

Knew it.

08-13-16_10-15-45 PM
“Maybe there’s something useful left over in here.”

This was the moment I realized we didn’t have a trashcan on the lot. So into Buy Mode we go! We’re actually in pretty decent shape money-wise by now, thanks in large part to Lily’s career unlocking the ability to sell her paintings to the art gallery. So I decided to upgrade things a bit for her.

08-13-16_10-28-40 PM
New bed! Campfire! Chairs! OUR VERY FIRST WALL!!

Honestly, I only put in that lonely little wall so I’d have somewhere to hang her career rewards. The Inspired auras they give off are very helpful.

Lily and I decided that it was high time she got her very first cooked meal, so she headed over to the campfire…

08-13-16_10-29-02 PM

That’s right. She went to light the campfire and LIT HER OWN ARM ON FIRE. I had a moment of pretty intense panic where I thought this Legacy was at an end before it started, but Lily managed to flail her arm out and was just fine other than an uncomfortable moodlet that lasted for a few hours.

After the arm-burning incident, Lily finally got the campfire going and roasted up a hot dog for her supper.

08-13-16_10-30-03 PM
“I’m looking forward to some hot food!”
08-13-16_10-31-05 PM
“I think my first cooked meal was a success.”

You nearly burned your arm off.


Okay, okay. It was a great success. Yeesh.

08-13-16_10-32-37 PM
Lily, I know you live outside, but that’s no excuse for leaving your dishes everywhere -_-

The next day was Lily’s last day of work for the week, so we decided to leave the home lot for some fun times.

08-14-16_7-41-34 PM
Killer party outfit, Lil!

“Thanks. Hey, Stef?”


“I’ve been thinking…”

About what?

“Well, I’ve made some good progress on my career and my aspiration, right?”

You sure have! I’m proud of you, kiddo.

“So I was thinking that maybe it’s time I started working on my other dream. Y’know, marriage, some babies, start a lasting Legacy to leave behind?”

I was hoping you’d say that. First step, we have to find you a guy! Let’s go!

So Lily headed into the Discotheque Pan Europa in Windenburg to (hopefully) meet some potential husband material.

08-14-16_7-42-37 PM
She did some dancing while scanning the room for candidates.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Lily met lots of people in the club, but they were all pre-made Sims. No townies! Curses! *shakes fist at sky*

“Are you okay there, Stef?”

Ugh, yeah. Fine. But according to the Legacy rules, we need to find you a nice not-currently-in-world Sim to marry.

“Uh okay. Why?”

Because them’s the rules, darlin’.

We returned home no closer to finding a man to help Lily carry on the Legacy. Maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow.

The next morning Lily met a mailman, Travis Padilla. I forgot to record the moment :/ And then he wandered off as soon as the introductions were finished.

So I had Lily phone him up and invite him to hang out at The Shrieking Llama. (I am so pleased with the name of that bar. I lol’d.)

08-14-16_9-03-31 PM
Meet Travis! He’s kind of cute!

They seemed to hit it off pretty well. We learned that Travis’ first trait is Lazy, but that’s not a deal-breaker. We could work with that, no problem.

08-14-16_9-04-54 PM
They went inside and chatted for a bit…
08-14-16_9-06-16 PM
…and played some foosball before going their separate ways.

Overall, Lily and I were feeling pretty good about Travis. So the next day after work we decided to invite him over to the home lot after making some preparations.

08-15-16_10-00-09 PM
And by ‘preparations’, I mean a steamy shower to get in a flirty mood.

Travis showed up on the lot, and this is where things started to go sideways.

First, he showed up feeling angry:

08-15-16_10-02-44 PM
Just look at those clenched fists. Uh-oh.

After a few harsh words were exchanged, I thought Lily was going to salvage the evening when she successfully pulled off the ‘Try to Calm Down’ social. Sadly, it was not to be.

We proceeded to learn his second trait: Snob. Also not a necessarily a deal-breaker, but it really did seem like he was silently judging Lily’s outdoor abode the whole time he was there. Still, they seemed to be getting along well enough. So Lily tossed out a pick-up line.

Big mistake.

08-15-16_10-07-09 PM
I missed the next moment, where he shook his head and backed away.

Travis was having none of it. He got a thought-bubble of Lily’s face with a big red line through it. Embarrassment all around. Travis left soon after that, leaving Lily and I back at square one of the husband hunt.

The next day marked the halfway point of Lily’s Young Adult life-stage. I had her take a vacation day from work so we could continue the search.

08-15-16_10-18-59 PM

First up was the museum, which would also allow Lily to complete the task of viewing three paintings there for her aspiration. She did that part easily, but after a couple of hours there the only random townies we’d seen were elders and women, neither of which are helpful at the moment.

We proceeded to both the Blue Velvet and Desert Bloom park, which both also turned out to be a total bust. And by this point I had started to notice a pattern. Thus far in the game, I’d only had about twenty or so townies spawn. Most of them were elders, women, or children/teens. There were a few Adult men, but no YA (other than Don’t-Flirt-With-Me Travis). And it had now occurred to me that there didn’t seem to be any new ones showing up, no matter where I went. The same ones would always seem to show up on the different lots, but I hadn’t seen a new face in several Sim days. This has never happened to me before this early on in a game.

At this point I decided to give it one more try, and had Lily head over to the Solar Flare lounge, where this happened:

08-15-16_10-38-22 PM

Yup, these two I hadn’t seen before, but I can’t hang the hopes of the Jardin Legacy on some old fart who could very well die of over-exertion with one WooHoo.

Then we spotted this fellow down on the street:

08-15-16_10-43-16 PM
Oh please please please please!

Meet Ethan Yancey! Lily chatted with him for a bit, learning that his first trait is Materialistic. Okay, we don’t have a lot of stuff at the moment, but we can work with that! They were getting along alright. And then trait number 2 popped up: Kleptomaniac.


No. This one is a deal-breaker for me. If one of the future children rolls it as a trait there’s nothing I can do about it, but I’m not intentionally bringing that into the family.

After this we visited another couple of lots, again saw no new townies, and went home.

That day went terribly. I am in despair. DESPAIR.

Eventually I managed to pull myself together and ended the session by popping into Manage Households. I have a theory as to why I don’t seem to be getting enough townies.

You see, I just very recently installed the Get Together expansion, and this is the first new game I’ve created since doing so. I hadn’t really paid much attention to it until now, but GT comes with A LOT of pre-made families. I’m wondering if maybe that’s why the game doesn’t seem to think I need  bunch of random townies. Except the game is wrong, and I do need them. This brings us back to Manage Households where….well….I did a thing.

I culled the neighbourhood.

Thinned the herd.

I manually deleted a bunch of families, both in-world and not. Bye Klepto Ethan and Elder Brigade! (I kept Mailman Travis, because despite everything their relationship meter was still in Friend territory and that’s worth something.) I’m hoping that this new, less populated world will force the game to spawn a new batch of townies for me. FINGERS CROSSED.

If not, I’m going to have to bring in some Legacy Loves Sims from the Gallery. I don’t actually have anything against this, but I’d rather not do so this early in the game if I don’t have to.

My final thought of the day is that I need to buy Lily the Observant trait from the Rewards Store, so that we don’t waste precious time getting to know a Sim only to be put off by a deal-breaker trait.

That’s all for now. Wish me luck with the townie problem! Until next time, Happy Simming!


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