Meet Lily Jardin!

08-11-16_8-51-10 PM
“Just look at this huge empty lot! I wonder what I can make here…”

Creative. Loves Outdoors. Family Oriented. Lily has two big wishes in life: to become the greatest painter of her time, and to begin a family and build a lasting Legacy to carry on after she’s gone. Her traits may not say ‘ambitious’, but her dreams sure do!

First things first: gotta make sure we’re Pinstar-compliant.

08-11-16_8-53-24 PM
The Knight went straight into the household inventory after I took the picture. Promise.

This leaves poor (literally) Lily with only $1800 to her name. Let’s see how far we can stretch that meager sum, shall we?

08-11-16_8-58-17 PM
“I’m sure going to love sleeping outdoors! Who needs walls anyway?”

Toilet? Check. Sink? Check. Shower? Check. Cooler? Check. Bed? Double check. What more does an outdoorsy gal need? Well, hopefully nothing at the moment; the bank account is looking pretty empty! Hey, Lily, you wouldn’t happen to be using that phone for something useful like, say, finding a job, would you? You would? Excellent! Lily has taken on a job as a Palette Cleaner! Not very glamorous, sure, but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

What’s this now?

08-11-16_9-38-24 PM
“Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

The Spencer-Kim-Lewis clan stopped by to welcome their new neighbour. Everyone hit it off just fine; looks like Lily won’t have any trouble fitting in here!

08-11-16_9-39-03 PM
Who says the younger generation is the only one obsessed with their cell phones?

Eventually Lily’s new acquaintances had to go home, so she said her goodbyes and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon doing a little exploring (and hopefully find some stuff to sell).

08-11-16_9-32-08 PM
“I sure hope it’s just frogs in here.”

08-11-16_9-32-43 PM

08-11-16_9-37-19 PM
“Hey! Fishing is pretty neat!”

Huzzah! After running around the neighbourhood for a bit, Lily has discovered a couple of frogs and caught a few fish. Good work, Lil! But the big find of the day was a rare fossilized alien skull worth $250. Cha-ching! Look at that, we’ve scraped together enough dough to buy something that, while not a necessity, is definitely something Lily wants. 

08-11-16_9-48-59 PM
“An easel! Yes! Now I can really start following my dream. Fame and fortune, here I come!”

Yes, that lucky fossil allowed me to buy an easel almost right away. I really thought I’d have to wait until she was finished at least one day of work, but the fates smiled on us today. Lily wasted no time now that she had somewhere to paint, and paint she did!

08-11-16_9-50-22 PM
She finished her first ever painting just as the sun went down.

“What do you think, Stef? Worthy of the Simsonian Museum?”


“Hah! Kidding! I know I need practice. But it’s exciting, isn’t it? It really feels like things are starting up for me now.”

Now that’s something we can agree on, Lily.


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