Man, I love The Sims. I remember sitting in front of an old computer when I was a kid, playing the very first Sims game – and I’ve been hooked ever since. From the original, to 2, then to 3, having fun with all sorts of little Sim lives; discovering a new way to play with The Sims Medieval; and now with The Sims 4, I’ve been Simming for years. There’s something special about this series of games that keeps me, and many others, coming back over and over again. Until recently, I’d always just free-played, doing whatever I felt like in the moment with no real goal in mind for my Sims. Then a good friend of mine¬†introduced me to the world of Sims challenges.

The story I’ll be writing here will be the second time I’ve done Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge. The first was completed some time ago, and I loved the way it forced me to play in a way I’d never considered before. I also never anticipated just how attached I would become to my Legacy Sims; following the same family through 10 generations was an amazing gaming experience that I’m eager to have again.

I’ll be introducing my Legacy Founder in the next post; for now I’ll lay out the basics of my Succession Law, the foundation of the Legacy.

First off: the Gender Law. For this Legacy I decided that the best approach would be Equality, which means that both girls and boys can become heir and carry on the family line.

Second: the Bloodline Law. I’m going with Strict Traditional here, meaning that only children born into the family can inherit the title of heir. We’re going for an unbroken bloodline here!

Lastly: the Heir Law. I’ve chosen to use the Exemplar law. This means that a child will automatically become heir if they roll the exemplar trait that I’ve picked (the trait is Creative, which gives you a teeny sneak peek at the Founder, as this is one of their traits). If there are no exemplars or more than one in a generation, the first-born will become heir.

Aaaaaand I think that’s it for now! More to come soon! In the meantime, happy Simming!


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